A love letter to React

#382 – November 14, 2022

It's hard to overstate the impact React has had since its release in 2013. For me, React came with a few revelations. First was a reactive HTML-aware component model for building UIs. Second was colocated markup directly in the app code. Third, it focused on efficiency in a world where SPAs were increasingly heavy-handed.

Use its 100+ feature-rich components built with React for React to create web apps much faster. Enjoy working with a complete, professionally built suite—everything from buttons and dropdowns to fast and performant data grid, scheduler and editor. Easy to integrate, customizable and fully accessible.

Deep dive into Promises and data fetching in React: what is a Promise, how and why Promises can cause race conditions and what to do about it.

While shaders on their own unlocked a new realm of what's possible to do on the web, there's one type of 3D object that I've overlooked until recently: particles!

Creating forms is an inseparable part of the building process of your application. Delivering them in React can be very troublesome, depending on the complexity of your application and business requirements.

Since the arrival of frontend frameworks and the advent of SPA (Single Page Application) type applications, the volatility of the frontend ecosystem and the adherence to frameworks make it difficult to produce robust and durable applications today.

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