Is React going anywhere?

#385 – December 05, 2022

Earlier this year I had an interesting conversation with a CTO of a price comparison website (e-commerce) and he mentioned that they are moving away from React.

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CSS Variables are really cool, and they're incredibly powerful when it comes to React! This tutorial shows how we can use them with React to create dynamic themes. We'll see how to get the most out of CSS-in-JS tools like styled-components, and how our mental frame around media queries has been wrong all along.

This guide covers how you can set up sing in with google in a React JS project. How to set up your GCP project & other things are covered.

Utilising a union and record type for type safe and exhaustive conditional rendering.

Before building React Native applications, web developers and managers often ask just how much knowledge transfers over from React on the web. This article attempts to answer that question from a number of different perspectives.