Effective Higher-Order Components

#395 – February 27, 2023

Before the introduction of contexts and hooks in React v16.8, Higher-Order Components (or HOCs for short) were a common sight. Today, it is an under-used pattern. While the concept presents infinite possibilities, practical applications should be limited to transparently adding wrappers or logic.

Dopt SDKs help you easily develop product onboarding and education without having to manage business logic or user states. Build any pattern, anywhere in your product, all in your UI.

This brings us to the question: if we're sold that frameworks in general are a good thing, why is React in particular dominant right now?

Understanding server context can help Next.js developers optimize advanced use cases, such as caching data during server-side rendering and making the cache available in the client. This guide will help you understand intermediate topics to get you on your way.

The first-ever documentary about the story of React has premiered on YouTube. I sat down with the movie’s creator, Ida Lærke, for a behind-the-scenes look at how the movie was made.

Wouter provides a simple API that many developers and library authors appreciate.

Learn how to prevent some tricky problems in React that can arise when using asynchronous state managers and avoid breaking UIs, animations, and destroying UX.