The End of Front-End Development

#399 – March 27, 2023

Large language models like GPT-4 are becoming increasingly capable, at an alarming rate. Within a couple of years, we won't need developers any more! … Or at least, that's the narrative going viral on Twitter. I'm much more optimistic about what these AI advancements mean for the future of software development.

Every year, the world's best in React Native send their speakers to announce, their team to learn, and their favorites to soak up the culture + food of downtown Portland, OR. After the pandemic, it's happening again! Chain React 2023 is the React Native conference HQ, and here are 10 reasons to go in May. Workshop tickets are selling fast! Enter code: "reactdigest" to save 10% on your ticket!

What exactly are they? Why did React adopt them? And are they better than class-based components?

What is a roving tabindex? When do you need one? How can you create one in React? In this post, we answer those questions and walk through a simple example of a roving tabindex.

Here I want to give you a brief overview of starter kits for a new React project. I want to reflect on advantages and disadvantages, on the skill-level needed as a developer, and on what features each starter project has to offer for you as a React developer.

React just released their new docs at While it looks great and packs a lot of improvements, one section that caught the community’s attention is “Start a New React Project”. The strongly recommended way to start a new React project is to use a framework such as Next.js, while the traditional route of using bundlers like Vite or CRA is fairly strongly discouraged.