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Build a Multistep Form With React Hook Form

#402 – April 17, 2023

Multistep forms a.k.a. wizard or funnel forms have a wide range of uses. They are most common when collecting different types of information into one data structure but are also useful to break down very large forms into the less user-intimidating multistep process. In this post, we'll build a basic multistep registration form, which collects the user's info and then presents it in a confirmation view, which can be reviewed and edited before the submission.

UX designers strive to give applications a unique personality and a smooth user experience. As a developer, you can elevate your UI to the next level by paying attention to the details.

It is common to see Next.js applications that make use of client-side data fetching. The challenge with this technique of data fetching is that you have to render data based on user interaction, which can lead to several issues if not handled properly.

What keyboard shortcuts belong on a treeview? What do the ARIA guidelines recommend? Building on a previous post, we answer those questions and make our treeview accessible.

A bonus post animating our treeview. This post is much more "show" than it is "tell".