Isomorphic Development

#410 – June 12, 2023

Fullstack development, or rather isomorphic development, isn't as easy as they say.

Data APIs are reshaping the world of data delivery and access, enabling enterprises to do more with their data by serving it where it’s needed and when it’s needed in a fast, secure, and flexible way. Join us to hear from Hasura CEO and Co-founder, Tanmai Gopal, on the future of APIs to unlock the full potential of your data investments.

In this technical deep dive, we'll implement a very simplified version of React Server Components from scratch.

Open source is great for many things. One of them is learning new skills. In this article, we'll look at some of the best Open Source React projects on GitHub that you can use to quickly boost your hands-on React learning and coding experience.

ESLint is a tool that complements anyone who develops in the Javascript ecosystem. But do we really know it? We thoroughly review the current ESLint configuration system before migrating to flat config, its new system.

React Server Components, while innovative, risk causing division in the React community due to their potential to undermine Single-Page App architecture.

A thread on Reddit Beginner here, start with react, svelte, or solid? caught my eye and gave me a chance to hash out some of my own thoughts on these platforms and where beginners should start in 2023.