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React Best Practices and Optimization Techniques

#412 – June 26, 2023

In this part, we will explore various techniques and strategies to write clean and efficient code in your React applications. By following these best practices, you can improve the maintainability, performance, and readability of your codebase.

Authentication is one of those things that always takes more effort than you want. Instead of adding static libraries (that you need to update and maintain), you can an auth provider that stays up-to-date automatically and comes with pre-built components. Check out how easy it is to add registration & log in with this React SDK from FusionAuth.

React Query provides some powerful abstractions for fetching and modifying data. In this example, we wanted a version of useMutation that both updates the server state immediately and provides a status indicator for the request itself.

As the technology are evolving the tools and library are also evolving. recently the million.js was released that makes react 70% faster. For a beginner it can be quite challenging to chose the correct library.

CSS-in-JS with build time generated styles, RSC compatible, multi-variant support, and best-in-class developer experience.

Setting up Storybook with your favorite styling tools can feel like assembling IKEA furniture. The instructions say things should fit together, but sometimes you need a stroke of genius to figure out how.

Looking into how CSS positioning works, what is Stacking Context, how to escape overflow:hidden with CSS, why we can't do everything with CSS and need Portals, how Portals work.

In the world of web development, creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces is paramount. While there are many frameworks and tools available, Tailwind UI has gained significant popularity due to its comprehensive set of pre-designed components and utility classes.