React Performance & Optimization

#414 – July 10, 2023

Ship fast and performant UIs, a great start to positive UX.

Dopt gives developers a component library & SDKs to build seamless product onboarding and education in minutes. A visual flow builder lets the team map out targeting, components, content, & branching logic; and SDKs and APIs make it easy to develop flows in your app quickly. You can use Dopt’s prebuilt, customizable React components (like checklists & tours) or build with your own.

Walk through a React hook that avoids the flash of empty UI when old data is cleared and new data is fetching.

Technical deep-dive on why you shouldn't have SVGs in your JS bundle and better techniques for JSX usage.

Simple to use React forms, where your validation and UI code live together in harmony.

Some people are frustrated with React Server Components, and some are frustrated with the way the React team communicates.

An unexpected feature of React: updating state during render. It's a UX and performance optimization