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Why React re-renders & when do we need to worry about it?

#422 – September 04, 2023

An explainer detailing when React re-renders our components, how to avoid unnecessary re-renders and when do we need to worry about the unnecessary re-renders.

The battle against bot attacks and fraudsters is intensifying -time to gain an advantage. In this webinar, Fingerprint CEO Dan Pinto uncovers the secrets of device identification and outlines the irreplaceable role that engineers play in solving fraud. Find out how developers can thwart fraudsters by building a ‘web’ of user behavior using high-accuracy device IDs.

How can we ensure a good user experience sharing this link through the web? I would like to display the QR code related to that charge and, when sending it anywhere on the web, it should display the OGs and metatags related to that HTML page.

React has never shipped sourcemaps for any of its production build artifacts. This makes it impossible to meaningfully debug errors inside of React in production. React's source code is already hard to understand in its original form - trying figure out what's happening when all you have is single-character variable names and no comments is impossible.

We are going to use some libraries like formik, yup, tailwindcss to achieve form handling.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of React Hooks, understand their purpose, and learn how to use them with real-life examples. So, let's get hooked on Hooks!

Waku is a React framework that supports React Server Components (RSCs), a new feature that will be available in a future version of React. RSCs allow developers to render UI components on the server, improving performance and enabling server-side features. To use RSCs, a framework is necessary for bundling, optionally server, router and so on.

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