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React Server Components Made Our Site A LOT Faster

#425 – September 25, 2023

React Server Components allow you to split server and client rendering out between individual components, rather than having your entire app be one or the other. This means that on the server, you can securely call server-only APIs without leaking keys to the client. On the client, you can use browser APIs knowing that your code will only be run in the browser.

Onboard lets you navigate and understand any codebase through AI chat. Simply enter a Github link, and within minutes you can chat with AI expert on the repo. Locate functionality, understand different parts, and generate new code for the repo. Secure and SOC2 compliant, we don't store any of your code after initial processing. Free to use for public repos < 100MB!

How to create a text typing effect with React? The typing animation effect is a very popular effect on the web. It can be used to create a chat, a loading animation, or just to add a bit of motion to your website.

This step-by-step guide covers setting up i18next, translating components, and switching between languages for a multilingual user experience.

Generate UI with simple text prompts. Copy, paste, ship.

Codacy Pioneers Open Source Fellowship is supporting creators, maintainers, and contributors to open source software. Projects selected to participate in the program will receive a year-long monthly stipend, free access to the tools they need to work, widespread promotion, and mentorship from some of the brightest minds of today’s OSS community, including Evan You, creator of Vue.Js. Apply today!

To encapsulate, managing state in React applications through URL hashes provides a robust yet straightforward mechanism that addresses several facets—enhanced user experience, state persistence, and server-side rendering compatibility. This article delved into two practical examples: a basic toggle switch and a more complex cookie catalog, both leveraging URL hashes for state management.