Introduction to the useMemo hook

#430 – October 30, 2023

Hooks have revolutionized the way developers build React applications, offering a more intuitive and functional approach to state and side effects. Among these hooks, useMemo stands out for optimizing performance by memorizing computed values. Let’s delve into this powerful hook, step by step.

In this article, we go through some examples of setting and using cookies in a React application for storing and retrieving data, including how to create, read, update and delete cookies, as well as handling cookie consent using a cookie bar.

Earlier this year, Netlify rebranded all their properties—including the marketing pages, docs site, and in-app UI. With all the moving parts, stakeholders, and timezones to consider, this type of work often takes six months or more.

MDX lets you use JSX in your markdown content. You can import components, such as interactive charts or alerts, and embed them within your content. This makes writing long-form content with components a blast.

The latest React docs include recommendations on how to write React code. Here are nine points that come up most about React code style to help you avoid difficult-to-diagnose bugs.

react-magic-motion is a react.js library that magically animates your components.