How FedEx Influenced the React Logo

#358 – May 30, 2022


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Sometimes when you’re designing, you get the license to take the time to explore many different directions and get a great result. Sometimes, you have barely any time to get the work done.

This past week, the React core team published a Request for Comment (RFC) for a new React hook: useEvent. This post attempts to capture what this hook is, what it isn’t, and what my initial reactions are.

In an app that I’ve recently worked on, I had to interact with 2 different APIs: a typical JSON-based API from a django project, as well as a “real-time API” which was coming directly from Firebase. That meant that, when reading data, I had to sometimes read them from Firebase and sometimes from another JSON API.

When I’m exploring an unfamiliar codebase I start with one of its public APIs. In this case, it was useQuery, arguably the most widely used React-Query function. As I followed its execution path I learned a lot.

Test Driven Development or TDD for short is essentially a process that developers and teams go through when they are testing their code. Coding, design and testing are combined together and test cases are created to ensure that the code has been robustly tested and any bugs or errors have been resolved in the development phase prior to it reaching production level.