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How We Built Hydrogen: A React Framework for Building Custom Storefronts

#362 – June 27, 2022


Learn how OAuth is actually used in the real world. We cover topics like the eight common OAuth modes, how to use the Authorization Code grant, and why you should never use the implicit grant. Become an OAuth expert today!

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We’ve been building Hydrogen, a React framework for building custom storefronts on Shopify, for more than a year. We invested in cutting-edge new technology, like React Server Components, to ensure building on the Shopify platform is a terrific experience for developers.

A package with components for building your dream command palette for your web application.

We are very excited to announce the release of the React Aria and React Spectrum date and time picker components! This includes a full suite of fully featured components and hooks including calendars, date and time fields, and range pickers, all with a focus on internationalization and accessibility. It also includes @internationalized/date, a brand new framework-agnostic library for locale-aware date and time manipulation.

React 18 brings a lot of exciting features but one of the less celebrated but still extremely useful addition is the new useId hook and that’s exactly what we will cover in this complete tutorial.

The purpose of this post is to teach a way how to make HTTP GET type requests by using React and a custom hook.


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