I was creating Forms the wrong way

#368 – August 08, 2022


You don't have to be a frontend expert to build beautiful apps. Retool provides a powerful platform to build your UI, connect your data, and publish your app in record time. With 90+ powerful UI components, you can write custom code nearly anywhere to customize how your apps look and work.

this week's favorite

When I was creating a signup form, I found myself creating dozens of useStates & then creating dozens of onChange handlers for those useStates.

Meta (Facebook) just released a new version of their documentation static-site-generator, based on Node.js and React. It allows you to focus on content: just write Markdown files. It is already powering many docs sites you know: React-Native, Supabase, Redux, etc.

In this video we're going to create a Speed Typing App using React, TailwindCss and Framer Motion.

Like an actual auction, if you bid for a product, you get counterbids from other bidders. The auction runs on the "fast" decision bid, where somebody else will win or outbid you if you don't bid fast enough.

Bedrock UI is a foundational UI library that is best used as a base for building out a design system. It supplies minimal components with sensible defaults and easy overrides with CSS variables. Bedrock UI is generally unopinionated, and intentionally simple. Bedrock UI provides, as the name suggests, a UI bedrock to build applications with whatever style you can dream of.


Learn how to release a Django project to production in a scalable and sustainable way by using Github Actions, Docker, Terraform, and Ansible. This combined eBook and video series by Linode + Coding for Entrepreneurs has everything you need to deploy Django to Linux using a managed MySQL database.