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React re-renders guide: everything, all at once

#369 – August 15, 2022


Check out this comparison between the default HTML Calendar and the KendoReact Calendar, as an example of a feature-rich commercial component. We'll look at consistency, customizability, accessibility and ease of development - let's dive in!

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Comprehensive guide on React re-renders. The guide explains what are re-renders, what is necessary and unnecessary re-render, what can trigger a React component re-render.

⌘K is a command menu React component that can also be used as an accessible combobox. You render items, it filters and sorts them automatically. ⌘K supports a fully composable API, so you can wrap items in other components or even as static JSX.

Patterns.dev is a free book on design patterns and component patterns for building powerful web apps with vanilla JavaScript and React.

For most React developers, it's easy to just get our hands on writting new lines of code. However, we sometimes missed keeping them organized and planned for future use as the project scales.

I want to show you something. What I'm going to show is a general testing principle, applied to a React component test. So even though the example is a React one, hopefully it helps communicate the concept properly.


The vast majority of cyber attacks are relatively easy to defend – yet most web applications remain vulnerable. This 4-hour course will teach you a variety of concepts and tools enabling you to hack your way into vulnerable web applications built with modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular and more. 10% off with code "REACTDIGEST"