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RFC: First class support for promises and async/await

#378 – October 17, 2022


If you want to learn more about data binding, types, how to utilize useState and useRef to bind data in React, take a look at this blog post and read on.

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Adds first class support for reading the result of a JavaScript Promise using Suspense.

Semantic HTML is the foundation of a web project. It helps assistive technologies and Google make sense of your site.

So in this article, we’ll be looking at React's current rendering patterns, their problems, and how the new patterns introduced with React 18 aim to fix those problems.

What do we mean by performant react app, fundamental libraries-agnostic patterns and techniques, how react lifecycle and browser limitations affect data fetching and apps rendering time and order.

Consuming REST APIs with React isn’t very difficult. It only takes a useEffect plus a few lines of code and you have the data in your frontend.