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Building a chat app with Socket.io and React Native 🤯

#379 – October 24, 2022


A good form can be a thing of beauty - and beauty's in the details. Read this blog for everything you need to know about designing & building sleek, user-friendly and accessible Forms.

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Chats are all around us, from Whatsapp to Facebook and Instagram, almost every platform offers a chat in some kind of variation.

We reached for Recoil to help us minimize re-renders in order to keep Kitemaker fast and responsive regardless of what changes are flowing in via background syncs. We chose it over other competing frameworks like MobX because we liked the explicitness of its API and its similarity to Redux which we were already familiar with.

A short React tutorial by example for beginners about creating a select in React. First of all, a select is just an HTML select element which can be rendered in React's JSX.

The team behind React has unveiled a new hook called `use`. This inconspicuous creation could forever change the way we get data into our applications.

How to use Google Sheets as a database. Choose this method over a more traditional Database solution for one reason: Data retrieval.