API Layer & Fetch Functions

ixing API and UI code quickly leads to messy and unmaintainable code

API Layer & Fetch Functions
4 minutes by Johannes Kettmann

Mixing API and UI code quickly leads to messy and unmaintainable code. In this article, we take a step towards a cleaner React architecture by extracting fetch functions to an API layer.

Omlet gives you much-needed visibility into React component usage frequency, prop patterns, and design system coverage. Now you can make informed decisions about refactoring components, migrating to your design system, and promoting reuse.

React 19 Beta
20 minutes by React Team

React 19 Beta is now available on npm! In this post, we'll give an overview of the new features in React 19, and how you can adopt them.

Build an Image Magnifier Component
3 minutes by Margish Patel

Create an Image Magnifier Component in React. With step-by-step instructions and code examples, you'll learn how to enhance user experience by allowing them to zoom in on images for a closer look. Follow along to build your own customizable image magnifier component and elevate your web development skills.

When working with TypeScript in ReactJS, using refs in functional components requires a bit of extra care to ensure type safety. In this article, we'll explore the most popularly used and relevant types of refs available in TypeScript-based functional components.

Build a memory game
1 minute by Corina Udrescu

You start with 6 images that you will display as 12 cards. By default, they are "flipped" - you only get a placeholder instead of the image.

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