A Better Guide to Forms in React

Modern best practices for building forms in React

A Better Guide to Forms in React
15 minutes by Andrew Jones

This article will explain modern best practices for building forms in React, how to build dynamic forms, how forms relate to React Server Components, and more.

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Remix is a rising JavaScript framework taking on Next.js, but its origins go back a full decade. We spoke with Remix CEO, Michael Jackson.

Avoid using React's useFormStatus
3 minutes by Allan Lasser

Server actions are the new shiny toy in Reactland, and for good reason: they make handling form submissions more straightforward than they’ve even been for front-end developers. That being said, they’re still in an experimental state, so the APIs for handling them shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Detecting clicks is a fundamental way to engage with your visitors on interaction. While it’s easy to detect clicking on something, what about clicking outside of it?

How to Optimize the DOM Size in React?
15 minutes by Snehasish Konger

Snehasish will share strategies and insights on minimizing the DOM size, enhancing your application's performance, and ensuring a better user experience.

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