How to Center a Div

When do we use Flexbox, or CSS Grid, or something else

How to Center a Div
13 minutes by Josh Comeau

Back in the day, centering an element was one of the trickiest things in CSS. As the language has evolved, we’ve been given lots of new tools we can use… But how do we pick the best option? When do we use Flexbox, or CSS Grid, or something else? Let's dig into it.

OneSchema is an embedded CSV importer that automatically matches, validates, and cleans data for your users. With a large library of prebuilt validations and robust SDKs, OneSchema only takes 30 minutes to get running in your app. Trusted by companies like Ramp, Scale AI, and Vanta, OneSchema is the clear choice for all of your data-importing needs!

When you're working on projects, whether they're large or small, you'll need to focus on code quality, readability, maintainable, and scalability. Writing good code will also help you reduce PR comments from your teammates. In this tutorial, you will learn how to improve your React code.

Learn how to integrate React and D3.js to create responsive data visualizations (bar, pie, chloropeth), handle data loading, and manipulate elements.

Private Routes in React
2 minutes by Arindam Majumder

Introduction In modern Web Applications, ensuring the privacy and security of certain routes is a crucial aspect. We don't want everyone to access every part of our Web App. For that we use Private routes provided by React router v6.

Senior Frontend Developer Roadmap 2024
22 minutes by Dragos Nedelcu

A clear step-by-step roadmap for you to get to Senior Frontend Developer and beyond. Regardless of the level you are at right now, you will know exactly what you need to do to get to the next level.

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