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Data Fetching Patterns in Single-Page Applications

Five patterns to help Single Page Applications fetch data from remote sources

When a single-page application needs to fetch data from a remote source, it needs to do so while remaining responsive and providing feedback to the user during an often slow query. Five patterns help with this. Asynchronous State Handler wraps these queries with meta-queries for the state of the query.

Do you know where and how your components are actually being used in apps? Omlet shows you exactly that with a quick scan of your codebase. Get visibility into which components are popular, identify gaps, and make data-driven decisions to evolve your design system.

This article will help you building a version of React with about 400 lines of code that supports asynchronous updates and can be interrupted—a core feature of React upon which many higher-level APIs rely.

React Query gets downloaded 3.3 million times a month – this is the story of why it exists and what problems it solves.

Bulletproof React
3 minutes by Alan Alickovic

This repo attempts to present a way of creating React applications using some of the best tools in the ecosystem with a good project structure that scales very well. Based on my experience working with a lot of different codebases, this architecture turns out to be the most effective.

useDeferredValue is one of the most underrated React hooks. It allows us to dramatically improve the performance of our applications in certain contexts. I recently used it to solve a gnarly performance problem on this blog, and in this tutorial, I'll show you how.

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