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Enhancing The New York Times Web Performance with React 18

An how they tackled some of the challenges

How upgrading to React 18 energized The New York Times website – and how they tackled some of the challenges along the way.

STRICH brings lightning-quick and robust barcode scanning into your web apps. STRICH is easy to integrate, has a built-in user interface and requires zero dependencies. Sample code is available for all popular frameworks, professional support if you need it. Check out the free demo app today and start your free 30-day trial.

At React Conf, React team updated their guidance on the best tool to get started building React Native apps: a React Native framework - a toolbox with all the necessary APIs to let you build production-ready apps.

Start by displaying a list of 12 pokemons. For each pokemon, show its name and photo. As the user scrolls, when he reaches the end of the currently visible items, show a "Loading..." text message and start loading the next page.

Confused about React Server Components? You're not alone. Let's bust 5 myths and discover how to supercharge your Next.js apps with this new paradigm.

In this short tutorial, you will learn how to pass extra arguments to server actions in React forms. We will start with the following React form component that updates a user's profile.

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