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Flaky Tests In React: Detection, Prevention and Tools

Causes, detection, and fixes for flaky tests

Flaky Tests In React: Detection, Prevention and Tools
15 minutes by Victor Ayomipo, Tomas Fernandez

This guide explores the causes, detection, and fixes for flaky tests in React, ensuring code quality and a smooth user experience.

Imagine being able to track most popular, least used, unused, and newly created React components and props directly in your code. Gain visibility into component and prop usage in your codebase and drill down into trends and gaps. Turn insights into specific codebase improvements โ€” like what code to update, deprecate, or migrate. It takes 5 minutes to set up.

React useEffect and objects as dependency
4 minutes by Johannes Kettmann

Reactโ€™s useEffect hook can lead to tricky situations. If youโ€™re not careful it can cause unnecessary executions of the effect or even infinite re-renders. Especially when using objects as dependencies. Here are 4 approaches that avoid unnecessary executions.

What is a layout in React?
7 minutes by Eric Burel

Layout, pages, components are core concepts of React development.

A faster React.memo()
7 minutes by romgrk

Recently, I spent time optimizing React code, and the obvious answer is, as always, React.memo(). So to speed things up I added a bunch of them everywhere because you should memo all the things by default anyway. This lead me to think if there was a way to make React.memo() faster.

Unlock the power of partial pre-rendering with Bun, optimizing web application performance and package size effortlessly.

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