The future of React.use and React.useMemo

use-context-selector is a preferred way to prevent re-renders when using contexts

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The future of React.use and React.useMemo
10 minutes by Colin Campbell

use-context-selector is my preferred way to prevent re-renders when using React contexts. But some future React updates provide a better alternative using only React.use and React.useMemo. Follow along as I learn a powerful lesson in my unsuccessfully attempt to prove Dan Abramov wrong.

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In this tutorial, we look into how you can report Core Web Vitals for soft navigations from a React application to the Chrome DevTools Console.

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A Quick Guide To The render() Method in React
1 minute by Irakli Tchigladze

In this guide, weโ€™ll try to shed light on what render() is, what it does, and why itโ€™s so important for development process with React.

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