Get your codebase ready for React 19

Is your app ready for what’s coming up in React 19’s release

Get your codebase ready for React 19
5 minutes by Adrienne Ross

Is your app ready for what’s coming up in React 19’s release? Get prepared with what is going to change ahead of its release date.

FusionAuth has been busy building out Javascript SDKs to make it easy to integrate authentication into your React, Angular, or Vue apps. Their SDKs make it easy for you to focus on the features your users actually care about while leveraging a world-class implementation of login workflows and the security of an isolated authentication server. Happy SDKing!

See a full working demo of how we built the interactive badge using React Three Fiber and react-three-rapier.

Improving INP in React and Next.js
5 minutes by Jan Kaiser

A follow-up article on the new Core Web Vital INP outlining some techniques to improve your INP score in Next.js and React.

Imagine you’re working on your full-stack app, and you want to implement a new feature. It’s a complicated one, so you whip out a pen and paper, or head over to tldraw, and start drawing a diagram of what your app currently looks like, from database, to server, and on over to the client. But how cool would it be if you had a tool that visualized your entire full-stack app for you?

HTML attributes vs DOM properties
8 minutes by Jake Archibald

They're completely different, but often coupled.

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