Kind of annoyed at React

React’s gotten really hard to understand

Kind of annoyed at React
2 minutes by Cassidy Williams

Just a little ranty rant about our fave JS library, ya know.

Build production-ready React components visually in Webflow, so you can bring new products and apps to market faster.

Running a React Web App in an Android App
10 minutes by Max Alexandre

Sometimes you need to run a web app, locally from inside of an Android app. This tutorial will show you how.

Streams and React Server Components
8 minutes by Mohammad Bagher

Many developers have used streams when building technology, but how many have truly understood their intricacies and their connection to React Server Components? Personally, the concept never quite clicked for me.

Build a Next.js app in Storybook
7 minutes by Michael Shilman

Develop, document and test React Server Components applications in isolation, using Mock Service Workers to mock network requests

The Query Options API
7 minutes by Dominik

React Query version 5 was released about three months ago, and with it, we got one of the biggest "breaking" changes in the library's history. All of our functions now only get one object passed, instead of multiple arguments. We call this object the Query Options.

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