How Next.js breaks React Fundamentals

We've forgotten about fundamentals, resulting in a degraded developer experience

How Next.js breaks React Fundamentals
13 minutes by Ondrej Velisek

In the front-end world, there's an ongoing war over performance. React Server Components serve as the official weapon aimed at improving startup performance. However, it seems that in the midst of this battle, we've forgotten about some fundamentals, resulting in a degraded developer experience.

FusionAuth has been busy building out Javascript SDKs to make it easy to integrate authentication into your React, Angular, or Vue apps. Their SDKs make it easy for you to focus on the features your users actually care about while leveraging a world-class implementation of login workflows and the security of an isolated authentication server. Happy SDKing!

Two Types of Composition
7 minutes by Kyle Shevlin

Not only is "composition" a confusing word, but there is more than one way to do it. Let's break those ways down into two types and learn about "nesting composition" versus "merging composition".

Type system of the React compiler
6 minutes by Sathya Gunasekaran

The post describes how the type system of the React compiler is implemented and used.

As projects grow in complexity, maintaining a clean, scalable, and maintainable codebase becomes increasingly challenging. This is where the SOLID principles come into play, offering guidelines for writing robust and flexible React applications.

Learn why it's not possible to restrict the type of children in React components with TypeScript.

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