React Compiler

React Compiler automatically memoizes your code

React Compiler
12 minutes by React Team

In order to optimize applications, React Compiler automatically memoizes your code. You may be familiar today with memoization through APIs such as useMemo, useCallback, and React.memo. With these APIs you can tell React that certain parts of your application don’t need to recompute if their inputs haven’t changed, reducing work on updates.

A sneak peak into the React Server Components world - what they are, how are they different from the client components, what the pros and cons of incorporating them now, and more.

Working off of a suspicion, I spent some time at work trying to properly attribute the amount of time spent during SSR to Styled Components.

Prefer Multiple Compositions
5 minutes by Kyle Shevlin

The flexibility of JavaScript and React means there are lots of ways to achieve the same result. Let's consider why we might choose one way over another when it comes to React. Specifically, when to choose a more verbose solution with composition over the DRYest code possible.

React Compiler With React 18
5 minutes by Jack Herrington

First off, no, the React Compiler isn’t part of React 19. React 19 is just the React library. It doesn’t make any build changes for you. So to integrate the React Compiler means doing that work yourself. It also means that the React Compiler is optional. Let me show you how to use the React Compiler with a React 18 project.

Inline Styles on Steroids
8 minutes by Robin Weser

A short reflection on my journey with fela and an introduction to css-hooks and brandeur adding support for native CSS features to inline styles

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