Sneaky React Memory Leaks

How useCallback and closures can bite you

Avoid performance issues caused by memory leaks in your React applications by understanding closures, useCallback, and best practices.

Meticulous AI is a tool which automatically creates and maintains a continuously evolving e2e UI test suite that covers every corner of your application – with no developer intervention required whatsoever. Backed by CTO of GitHub, Guillermo Rauch (next.js author), yc and others, it's built from the Chromium level up with a deterministic scheduling engine – making it the only testing tool that eliminates flakes.

Server-side component rendering can improve data loading efficiency over client-rendered SPAs. Despite their benefits, such as out-of-order streaming, they have limitations, including slow server action updates and lack of support for client-side interactivity. React Query complements RSC by managing client-side data updates, addressing some of RSC's drawbacks.

Build a Google Keep inspired Notes app using React Query for fetching the data and json-server as the backend API.

Type-safe module mocking in Storybook
10 minutes by Jeppe Reinhold

Consistency is crucial to develop and test UI in isolation. Mocking types of inputs with external dependencies has historically been difficult in Storybook. And that is what we’re solving today with module mocking

Automatic Query Invalidation after Mutations
9 minutes by Dominik Dorfmeister

Even though there is nothing built into React Query, it doesn't need a lot of code to implement automatic query invalidation in user-land thanks to the global cache callbacks.

PowerSync is a self-hostable sync layer that connects to any Postgres and keeps in-browser SQLite in sync in real-time. Leverage local-first architecture for instant reactivity, real-time collaboration and full offline support for React apps. Set up the self-host demo with a single Docker compose command.

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