State machines in React

The power of state machines for building intuitive wizard interfaces

State machines in React
13 minutes by Ildar Sharafeev

Discover the power of state machines in React for building intuitive wizard interfaces. Learn how to design, implement, and adapt complex user flows with ease.

Meticulous AI is a tool which automatically creates and maintains a continuously evolving e2e UI test suite that covers every corner of your application – with no developer intervention required whatsoever. Backed by CTO of GitHub, Guillermo Rauch (next.js author), yc and others, it's built from the Chromium level up with a deterministic scheduling engine – making it the only testing tool that eliminates flakes.

React 19 - Part 1: The Backstory
11 minutes by Rafael R. Camargo

Come with me to explore my two months of frustration and joy writing a framework from scratch. I will show you how React works under the hood and how to write your own framework.

New Flow Language Features for React
5 minutes by Alex Taylor

Flow adds Component Syntax, adding first-class support for React primitives such as components and hooks to the Flow language. These features bring improved ergonomics, expressiveness, and static enforcement for many of the Rules of React.

React Server Components in a Nutshell
6 minutes by Paul Scanlon

Paul uses Waku to show how RSCs give React developers access to asynchronous server-side requests and data at the component level.

Creating a Navbar in React
10 minutes by Vidura Senevirathne

How to build a navbar in React, covering everything from design considerations to implementation and accessibility best practices.

If you’ve ever run into an Expo issue, this workshop is for you. Come learn how to use Debug IDs, upload source maps (fast), and get tips for an overall better experience. Save your spot now.

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