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  • Write your own typesafe React router in 500 lines

Write your own typesafe React router in 500 lines

BYO .. build your own router

There are a lot of things you can do for yourself. One of them is simple type-safe React routing library. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Omlet is a new tool to measure component (and prop) usage in your codebase. Identify which components to improve or deprecate. Increase code quality and consistent component adoption across your team.

react-strict-dom, why it's so great?
4 minutes by Szymon Rybczak

In this article, I'd like to go through the historical background of building a universal codebase that shares components between Web and Native, and how react-strict-dom changes the way we can do it.

Conceptual Model of React and RSC
9 minutes by Ondrej Velisek

Building web apps is a complex problem. We need simple high-level mental structures to support such a heavy load.

Understanding Cookies and Sessions in React
11 minutes by Blessing Ene Anyebe

Dive into implementation techniques and best practices for cookies and sessions in React, to ensure your React apps are efficient and secure.

In this blog post, we will look at some examples of how to use dangerouslySetInnerHTML and how to safely sanitize the HTML before setting it.

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